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Our Design, construction and realstate backgrounds have taught us that it’s all about the details, down to the penny. Many property management companies overlook the little details, or ignore what they perceive as burdensome rules and regulations. That’s not our style. These kinds of oversights can, and often do, lead to increased expense and liability for property owners. We pride ourselves on the attention we pay to details, which sets us apart.

Picture of Erik Drayson
Erik Drayson Managing Broker, Owner

When asked how he ended up in the real estate world, Erik points back to the summer jobs he had in construction back in school. “I feel like that was the start of my path. Along the way, I made a stops in architecture and then owned a design-build company, so the evolution just felt right. Stops at Kentwood, Denver Rental and Edge properties seem like perfect fits because they all brought a level of integrity, experience, infrastructure support and professionalism unheard of in this industry. All the people along the way have got me to this point in my life.

Erik is well‐versed in all aspects of property management and contract negotiation. He excels in expediting approvals, sourcing, achieving deadlines and overcoming obstacles. All of which explains his most recent accomplishments as a Director of multiple companies . Here, he had direct accountability for managing a $150M portfolio of 400 units in the Denver area. He worked closely with owners to coordinate inspections, lease renewals and evictions, and handled all aspects of contract negotiations, financial analysis and operational reporting. In his “spare time,” he likes to add, he helped his team manage resident issues, ongoing maintenance and repairs.

He points to the relationships he made at his architecture firms in particular as integral to his ongoing success. From their collaborative spirit to constantly juggling creative vision and fiscal realities, they have always been a tremendous asset in his life. Drive and honesty resonate deeply with him as well.

For Erik, the keys to management are having an open door, constantly communicating and remaining an active participant in the daily grind. Lessons from the first part of his life journey? “Don’t worry about the small stuff. Start traveling earlier. Go to medical school.” Be sure to ask him more about that last one. “The turning point in my life? That’s easy. My now 15-year-old son, Morgan, being born.”

In addition to being a licensed REALTOR®, Erik holds a Masters in Architecture and a BS in Molecular Biology both from CU Denver as well as an Associate Degree in Occupational Studies in Advertising and Design from the Colorado Institute of Art. Erik’s perfect weekend is simple and glorious. Time cruising on anything with two wheels, a good meal, a great night’s sleep and lots of time exploring with his son.

Picture of Claudia Lopez
Claudia Lopez Realtor

Claudia Lopez started her real estate career in 2012 in Tampa Florida. She joins A Level Up Property Management with 10+ years of residential and commercial leasing and property management experience. For the past six years, she has worked for several engineering firms in the Denver Metro area as a Right of Way Agent, specializing in landowner negotiation, property closings, and personal property relocation for federally funded projects. She is a certified Right of Way Professional for the International Right of Way Association and a Notary Public for the state of Colorado. She is fluent in Spanish, French, and Portuguese and possesses strong organizational and communication skills, and a strong desire to help those looking to make Colorado their new home.